I've had this idea in the works for awhile, and I'm glad I finally got around to putting it together. If I can help somebody out on a project or that has a need that's related to the bar biz, this is what I'm here for!
Update: for Bartenders to brand themselves to their customers.
What kind of promotion do you do for yourself in your bar?

Listen - This site might or might not be for you, The range and types of bartenders out there are infinite. Everything from Martini Lounges in Big Cities to desolate bars located in the middle of nowhere.  Bartenders range from the Most well known mixologist to the kid popping beer tops off bottles at the Beer and Wine joint, down the road from your home.
I really like to help people and anyone that knows me , understands - helping people is what drives me . . .

 This site is in flux and these simple pages probably wont be here that long.

Thanks for stopping by, I've worked in biz for a little over  10 years  years ...... I know it might not seem like a long time, some of you have be around for 12 or 17 years, welcome one and all.

Please feel free to email with your comments ron@inthebarbiz.com

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