Regulars - you love them and you hate some of them.

Simply put: Your customers stay longer - drink more - bigger ring up - more in tips.
Even if the customer is a regular (and only tips the the same amount each time regardless of the total bill). The regular stays and other customers in turn stay longer too. It comes down to everybody connecting and having a good time. the more people that are in a bar the  better time everyone is having AND nobody is leaving.

Important point - regulars are the bread and butter of the bar and your pay. Sometimes the line between friend and customer will become blurred because you may spend more time with them than anyone else. Flip side is regulars kind of get there way - as the owner of the bar will recognize the regular puts money in the till 5 maybe 6 days a week, even be in the bar everyday. (These people BTW can afford to spend the amount of money they do as their financial  situation allows them to spend $15 to $115 each day)

More on  regulars: They are at the bar weather you are working or not. Some people follow bartenders around (those are YOUR customers) others just go the bar they've always gone to before you started there and will still be there after you've stop working there.

Last thing on regulars: Some are a pain the ass, same stories, broke, have 100 things they want just their way (and you still do it), just rub you the wrong way.

How you keep  the regular is up to you, with many things to do in the bar he or she stays until that moment we all know a as checking out, leaving to go home, work, nap or whatever.

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